Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Telecommunication: Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market Report 2014-2019

Telecommunication service providers are adopting next generation OSS/BSS systems for many reasons including integration with new IP-based frameworks, emerging applications, and the need to deal with customer service and retention. Other factors include the need for network operators to rationalize legacy systems into common support frameworks while they simultaneously seek differentiation factors from one another. One challenge is that this is all happening while carriers roll-out increasingly complex (at the network and service provider level) products and services.

With research beginning in 2007, the report Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2014 - 2019 provides comprehensive analysis of the drivers and issues related to the technical and business aspects of OSS/BSS, deployments and operations issues, and quantitative analysis with forecasts for anticipated growth through 2019.

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The report covers Next Generation Networks (NGN) in fixed and mobile telecommunication and OSS/BSS for telecommunications. It will cover OSS/BSS solution developers, consultants, network operators and system integrators. The markets covered are North America, EMEA, CALA and APAC.  It also covers historical financial data of 2013 and data of earlier developments since the inception of various technologies in telecommunication services.

Questions answered in the report include:

What changes will take place in OSS/BSS vendor landscape?
What kind of business growth is expected in the OSS/BSS market?
How will NGN affect current OSS/BSS architecture and its modules?
What is Frameworx and how does it drive next generation OSS/BSS?
What will be the global market scenarios for next generation OSS/BSS?
What is next generation OSS/BSS and how it different from legacy OSS/BSS?
What kind of transformation will take place in legacy OSS/BSS to next generation?
What will be the implications of next generation networking on operating and managing telecom business?
What are the impacts on managed and cloud services from social media, business intelligence and related analytics?
How next generation networks and relevant next generation OSS/BSS is changing business dynamics of current legacy OSS/BSS market?

Target Audience:

SDN solution providers
Network and services integrators
Cloud and virtualization companies
Fixed and mobile network operators
OSS/BSS products and services suppliers
Next generation network infrastructure providers
Third party providers of content, commerce, and apps

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